Before booking your tour, here are some things you should be ready to provide. These are handy to have around anyway, for all of your promotion efforts!

  • Bios: prepare both a long (1-2 paragraphs) and a short (1-2 lines) bio to give your potential readers a little background on you and who you are–this alone could make them want to read your book.
  • Synopses: Prepare both a long (2-4 paragrahs) and a short synopsis (2-4 lines) of your book. This is your chance to sell it, so make it shine!
  • Excerpt: Pick a really intriguing scene in your book that will draw people in.
  • Gather digital marketing materials you already have – a digital copy of your book cover, book trailer, etc.
  • Pictures of you–a headshot or your author pic or both
  • Links: gather any links you might want us to use to promote your book, like your book’s Amazon page, your publisher’s website, your website, blog, etc.
  • Determine any sites you know you want to appear on, such as your friends’ blogs. We have our own list, but we will query additional sites on your behalf. We can’t guarantee anyone will participate, but we’ll give it a shot!