As part of your tour, you will likely be asked to participate in author interviews and write guest blog posts. You have the option of turning these down, but they are quick and easy ways to get additional exposure. Some bloggers may not be interested in reviewing your book, but will be willing to post an interview or guest post. Others will do all three on separate days. By being willing to participate, you are only helping your tour be more successful.

When responding to interview questions, remember that most readers probably know nothing about you. Use this as an opportunity to let them get to know you so they want to read your book! Avoid answering with just one or two lines, even if it’s a yes or no question–write at least a paragraph per question, and feel free to plug your book, website, other products, etc. Try to get some keywords in to make your interview more searchable. On the flip side, if you write too much, you may turn your readers off and they won’t finish it.

When writing guest posts, the blogger may have a topic they want you to write about. If so, please stick to that topic. If they do not provide a topic, your post should be in some way related to writing, reading or your book’s subject matter. Please avoid political or religious rants unless that is what is requested. Give readers a preview of what they can expect from your book in the form of an insightful, funny or otherwise interesting and well-written post. If readers don’t enjoy your blog post, they will probably assume they won’t like your book. Make them want to read more from you! Again, use key words or phrases to make your post searchable. If you don’t have time to write a fresh post for each blogger, some of them will accept previous entries from your own blog. We recommend having different posts for each tour stop, if possible.

WAT will do a quick proofread on your interview or guest post before sending it on to the blogger, but please edit it yourself to make it as perfect as possible before sending it in. We’ll help you make as good¬† an impression as possible, but it is your responsibility to present a professional image.

If you have questions or need guidance, feel free to send us an email!