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Kyle McRoy doesn’t know who to trust. He became a wealthy man after his parents died in a freak accident, but Kyle lost control. A mental breakdown led to hospitalization in what his brother called a Behavior Therapy Center, but something about his brother tugs at the back of his fragile psyche. While at the center, Kyle meets the lovely Celeste but soon discovers there are things about her he doesn’t know. Things, perhaps, no one can ever know.

No, Kyle McRoy doesn’t know who to trust… least of all, himself. After all, it’s hard to know who to trust when you’re not even sure what’s real.

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Celeste is a must read that had me wishing for more and the ending is another surprising twist that left me questioning the events of the whole book, and Kyle’s fragile grip on reality.” –Raven H.

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“Blew me away.” –Wendy M.


Michelle Devon Bio:

Michelle Devon is sometimes affectionately, and sometimes not so affectionately, known as Michy. That’s pronounced Mickey, like the mouse, and not Mishy, like a fish; not Mitchy like the guy on Baywatch; and no, it doesn’t rhyme with bitchy, though she can sometimes be that too.

Michy has two children, a daughter (24) and a son (18), who refuse to finish baking. Michy is also in love with an identical twin (4?), though she’s not sure which one he is. Her best friend, lovingly known as Buffy (??), rounds out her perfect family of choice, along with three kitty cats, two dogs, and a few invisible friends, along with the people who live inside her head.

Michy was faced with making a choice between her head exploding or becoming successful as a novelist. Determining that the latter would be more painful, she nearly chose the explosion, until she was reminded that the kids were bad at cleaning up messes so she’d just have to do it herself. Novelist it would be.

Diagnosed with congestive heart failure and pulmonary arterial hypertension in 2011, she has spent most of the past two years learning how to live again. If asked what she does for her ‘day job’, she’ll answer, “I’m a full-time professional dreamer…”