Elements of the Soul

Edited by Michelle Devon

Elements of the Soul book cover

Elements of the Soul

Through The Fire and Purgatory we suffer Love and Loss and a Flood of Tears until we get to those Healing Scars and are able to Fly again.These are just a handful of the short stories published in this outstanding anthology from Accentuate Writers.

Elements of the Soul will take readers on a journey as diverse as the writers themselves, and as emotional as the touch of a child’s hand or the slap of a love gone wrong.

In the pages of this book, readers will find death, devastation and loss; they will also find hope, friendship and faith. The entire gamut of emotions will be run in this anthology, leaving no feeling unturned, no relationship unexamined, no heart untouched, all told in bite-sized portions to satisfy the most voracious reading hunger.

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The authors of the TTM Anthologies are chosen from the winners of the Accentuate Writers Forum short story contests that were held monthly during 2009 and 2010. The contests are on hold right now, so TTM can get caught up publishing the winning entries in the anthologies, but we plan to start new contests mid-year 2011. Each author submitted a short story based on a particular theme. Accentuate offered the theme, but the author could write anything they wanted to and interpret the theme in any way, provided it was clear they had used that theme. For Elements of the Soul, the themes were: Fire & Ice, Summer Heat, April Showers, Winds of Change.

Elements of the Soul is, then, the compilation of the very best short stories and poetry submitted to the contest based on those themes, meticulously prepared and edited by Michelle Devon, and judged blindly by a panel of at least three judges for each theme. With excellent reader reviews, Elements of the Soul will not disappoint. It contains short stories and poetry that are sure to appeal to all readers, in bite-sized portions, to whet the reading appetite and leave readers wanting more.

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“If variety really is the spice of life, then this collection of short stories encompasses a delightful olio. The talented writers supplied me with suspense, inspiration, thrills, reconciliation, retribution, spite, forgiveness – the best and worst which the human soul can display. There truly is something for everyone encapsulated within this collection. The more stories I read, the more I wanted to read. I reveled in the individual voices which each author gave to their characters, closed my eyes and saw the settings which were artfully painted, heard the conversations and background sounds, and was transported, becoming a voyeur.

As a fan of poetry, I also appreciated the poems which punctuated nearly every story (ten poems, 14 short stories). Whether you are looking for entertaining reading or a great gift for friends who read, I enthusiastically recommend Elements of the Soul.” –L. Hunter

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“Anthologies can be tricky things. In most, one writer usually stands out more than the others. In this anthology, they must have chosen only the cream of the crop! Each and every short story was well-written, finely tuned, and imaginatively crafted. The poetry was superb. I can only hope that these talented writers will do another anthology together, perhaps on one theme.” –Emily J. Henderson

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