Thanks to Bob O’Connor for this wonderful testimonial!

Bob O'Connor photoBob O’Connor Evaluation 7/16/2012

I just complete a three week virtual book signing tour with Walker Author Tours.

To be perfectly honest, I had not even heard of virtual author tours until recently. I did not know Jennifer Walker, but found her on-line and liked what she offered.  I did not know her prior to the tour. I decided to try a tour with her company promoting my new book “A House Divided Against Itself.”

Before agreeing to sign up, I asked a million questions. I was clueless as how to do this, what I would have to do, and just basically what was expected from my end. I had no idea how to promote a virtual book tour through my Facebook page, if I needed to be somewhere that I could be contacted each day, or anything about it. Jennifer “virtually” held my hand through all the questions and made me feel like she could be trusted.

When the tour began I continued to ask questions. Several days the blogs did not appear at first light in the East.  Jennifer assured me that some were West Coast blogs and would be posted later. They were.

A House Divided Against Itself book coverSeveral times there were glitches. But each time Jennifer was on to them faster than I was and responded accordingly.  Several times she tweaked the schedule to move a blogger back and replace them with someone who could post that particular day. Not one day on tour was missed, and it mattered not at all that the schedule was tweaked, because the end result was a posting for that day.

What impressed me most was that Jennifer was attentive to each day’s schedule and made it work, even when several bloggers failed to hold up their end.  Each day I got great exposure, and some really fair and interesting reviews. I also got some unexpected support from persons who admittedly do not generally read historical fiction but liked my book anyway. And I got some great comments from persons following each particular blog.

One reviewer even went so far to post their review (a very positive one) on

An author tour is a risk. What if these impartial reviewers who I had never met and never talked to posted a scathing bad review?  None did though at least one had some fair criticism, which I do not mind at all.

As for Jennifer’s Walker Author Tours, I would highly recommend them to any author trying to find additional exposure for their book.  Jennifer is professional on every level. The value of the exposure certainly was covered many times over and above the cost that I paid.

I am looking forward to presenting another of my published books on virtual tour with Jennifer Walker’s Author Tours in the fall, and will look to her to help promote my new historical novel “The Return of Catesby” when I am finished.